Snake Ox Sun

These were painted for Cyndi and Klaus who were married in April (I think I was at their wedding… it’s a bit foggy…) There are 3 paintings in total.

The Ox is for Cyndi’s Chinese year of birth. The Snake is for Klaus’s Chinese year of birth. The Sun is one of my favourite symbols I’ve used in many hangings. It is simply shining down upon Cyndi and Klaus’s happy union.

I listened almost exclusively to the second disc of Moby’s Hotel, in particular, Chord sounds. I kid you not, that music is the soundtrack to what I heard before I was born. Completely swept me away for days on end just surfing the cerebral highway… waxin’ the ethereal realm… tripping the firmament wind fantastic. You get the idea. I have to tie a bungy cord to my waist when I listen to it cuz I swear I’ll just disappear right into oblivion otherwise, never to be seen again. Even the first time I heard I knew where every chord was going, and where it resided before it become audible. It seemed I’ve waited a lifetime to hear it. It really blew me away.

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