4 Elephants – Meals on Wheels silent auction

I started this painting last summer, only recently finishing it this past January. This was officially appraised at $1,500 and donated to the Meals on Wheels silent auction gala on May 12, 2007.

An auspicious animal and the largest creature to walk the earth, the elephant is seen in many cultures as a symbol of energy, strength and power. It is a creature blessed with superior intelligence and a very long life span. Because of this, it has become a symbol for knowledge and dignity. The Zulus revere the elephant as a symbol for wisdom, patriarchy and hallowed relationships, and countries like Thailand have made it one of their national symbols. The Elephant is one of Buddha’s sacred treasures, and Buddhists believe the white elephant symbolizes patience and insight. In Feng Shui the Elephant is known to be a symbol of good fortune. The elephant is thought to be the granter of all wishes.

This painting depicts 4 elephants, all representing the different sides of our personality, all mirroring one-another, inherently the same, yet but with opposing principles prevailing, requiring that conflict within in much the same way one needs the occasional sudden loss of perspective in order to draw us to a new level.

This is a well traveled painting, having accompanied me to Africa on my recent trip.