Pure Vision

Pure VisionThis hanging went to Ruth Bieber to represent her incredibly innate connection to the world around her. Ruth was an absolute dream to work with. One of my biggest tasks at the start of any painting is figuring out why symbols to use. However, back in July when Ruth first contacted me about doing a painting for her, she stated she already knew exactly what symbols she wanted, as her and her 2 sons had all visited a local Shaman outside of Calgary.

We did have one more symbol to come up with to even out the painting. Ruth is the Artistic Director of the Inside Out Theatre based in Calgary, Alberta. In short, this program enables participants with disabilities (mental, physical, sensory) an opportunity to benefit from an innovative training program involving the Theatre Arts.

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4 Wolves

I actually had this painting completed back in July, but I couldn’t put it up on the site until now since it was for a surprise birthday party, and, through 6 degrees of separation, had to keep it under lock and key just in case the recipient happened to wander in here.

This painting was specifically commissioned by Linda McCue for her husband Chris to represent all the impenetrable qualities he shares with The Wolf. In many native cultures, the Wolf is known as The Pathfinder. It embodies a strong sense of self, strength, instinct, success, perseverance, movement, and is an intuitive problem solver. The Wolf is a teacher of new ideas that provides stability and support that one normally associates with a family structure. They are sleek, daring and wise, yet very misunderstood creatures.

The main essence behind this painting is in reverence to Chris’s weighty embrace of life, love and spirit. Chris is extremely passionate about the outdoors and loves spending his free time mountain biking and skiing (always moving, like the wolf). The small border in a circular shape around the 4 wolves not only represents his mountain bike tire, but his love for travel and culture. The 4 triangular points at the edge just off the circle are his ski tips, for his love of the mountains and skiing. The Haida Sun is in the middle of the painting, shining its warmth, energy, approval and grace upon the wolves, and Chris’s life.

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