Seahorse tattoo 2

This design went to Karen, who has always felt a kinship to the Seahorse. As her last stab at youth before she quit her job in Calgary and retired to Vancouver Island with her husband in their newly built dream house… she requested I draw her a seahorse. A week later, she had it tattooed on the inside of her ankle. Of course… she didn’t tell her husband she did this, and as far as anyone knows… I had absolutely nothing to do with it. Other than draw it… and help her find a good tattoo artist, and pester her every day to get it done… but aside from that, I had nothing to do with it. Honest Dale!

Karen wanted this one a little more life like and less abstract than the one I designed for Rhonda last winter.

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Rhonda’s Seahorse

About 2 months before Rhonda and I ventured down to see U2 in San Francisco, she started to contemplate the idea of getting a tattoo on our trip. She said if I designed something for her, she’d definitely get a tattoo. Great, it was decided. Then I promptly drew a blank… for a month. Calling up memory banks….. wrrrrrrr….. nuthin.

The dragonfly had recently come to me, but I wasn’t sure if that was meant for Rhonda or for Ralph’s hanging (see Follow Your Bliss for more info) which I was also doing at
the same time. I thought the dragonfly would work as it reminded me of the R.E.M. lyric “the dragonflies are busy buzzing me,” and Rhonda is the biggest R.E.M. fan on the planet (she has traveled all over the world to party personally with the band). But the deeper I got into Ralph’s painting, the more I knew that symbol was meant solely for him. Rhonda is an architectural technologist, so I wanted something representative of angled design that also incorporated swirled refinement. The days were ticking down and I was feeling the pressure of finding a symbol. But nothing was coming to me.

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