Hanging 3 – untitled

This was the first commissioned hanging and the third one I painted. My friends Tracy and Murray saw the ones I’d created to cover up spaces in my house and wanted me to paint them one. I decided to do one for their wedding present (since I became a marriage commissioner for a day and presided over the ceremonies and actually married them 8 months before – and… yes, sheepishly I admit I hadn’t actually gotten around to getting them a present yet). Quite an honour for me!

There are Runes all along the border of this one representing fire, earth, mountain, wind, heaven, earth, lake and wind. Ace and Muzz are very outdoorsy people, and I wanted to represent that throughout the hanging.

The three people dancing under the sun (in view of the mountains) are Tracy, Murray, and Murray’s son Jeff.

Tossed in a hummingbird (for native symbol of love, beauty, intelligence, spirit messenger: and the symbol of a deep and abiding love) coming out from a pair of healing hands (represents the presence of man (or woman.. let’s be politically correct here), his or her work, achievements and legacy. It also represents the direction of the creative spirit). Tracy is also a huge kokopelli fan, so that is just for her.

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