Rafe’s Symbol

When Fiona was pregnant, she asked if I would create a symbol for the baby once it was born. But of course! Young Sir Rafe sprang forth from her loins in May 2004, but I didn’t come up with a symbol right away. I wanted to get to know him a bit first. Then while doodling in a meeting about 6 months later (I get a lot of my ideas from doodling in meetings – believe it or not it helps me concentrate) I looked down on my note pad to see this symbol suddenly staring back at me. I knew it was Rafe. I scanned and coloured it on the computer and emailed it off to Fiona that night. She was in total agreement. It was perfect!

I then framed the print and wrapped it up and presented it to Rafe on his first birthday. I didn’t take offence to the fact he was much more interested in the wrapping paper than the significance of the gift.

It is one form of flattery to have someone want to hang something you’ve created on their wall. It is another form entirely when they have something you’ve created permanently imbedded upon their person.

It was a great honour for me when Fiona asked me to come along with her to get her tattoo. We had a bit of a debate as to where to put it, lower back or ankle. It looked great in both places, and at the end of the day it was Fi’s decision. She went with her left ankle (the southpaw in me was elated she chose her left ankle. My own tattoo is on my left ankle).

Mags – Tattoo looks fabulous today, many compliments! I have it covered, but lots of people are asking to see it. They think it is pretty cool that you designed it!! I showed Rafe this morning and he smiled and pointed at it…very cool!! Thanks again for designing it and coming with me!! It made it complete for me!! – Fiona –

Rafe’s Symbol / May 2005