Pending Sun

This name came when I took a photo of this hanging when I was half way done. I absentmindedly titled the jpg “Pending Sun” because it wasn’t yet complete. It just stuck.

This one sent me to physiotherapy for the first time with tendonitis. I sometimes become so involved while painting I don’t notice the time go by, and certainly don’t feel like stopping just because I get an intense sharp shooting pain through my hand. Sometimes I will paint for up to 12 hours straight. I think I’d painted for about 3 days straight over a long weekend with this one, and when I got into work and suddenly couldn’t move my hand, let alone hold a pen or type, I knew I was in trouble. Had the paw bandaged up, and was in intense physio for the next 6 weeks before I was allowed to paint again. Luckily my physio-terrorist was also an artist
(carver) so he understood the intensity and focus artists get while they are working. Didn’t make the treatment any less torturous though! And of course… little did I know then that I would be again at his mercy a year and a half later (June/July 2005) for the same ailment.

Pending Sun (30″ x 30″)
November 2003