Hanging 15 – Untitled

I don’t actually name all of my hangings. If something jumps out at me at the time, it gets a name, but it doesn’t always happen. Julie and Kyle have been fans of my hangings for many years, so I wanted to wait till I came up with a really good idea before I painted theirs. I decide to toss my “patterned” ways out the window and just go a bit crazy with this one.

I really had a great time coming up with this one. Out of all my hangings, this is the one so far that has taken the longest time to design. I was playing around with the colour scheme for at least a month before I ever picked up a brush. I am absolutely thrilled with how it turned out.

Wasn’t listening to music on this one, but since I was painting in
December, had on Scrooged (Bill Murray) almost constantly in the background. Gawd I love that movie!

Hanging 15 (45″ x 66″)
December 2004 / Calgary, Alberta