3 Buddhas – H.O.P.E. silent auction

I felt very privilged to be asked for a third year in a row to donate paintings to the H.O.P.E organization’s annual fundraiser. This year H.O.P.E. is focusing on human trafficaing, with all funds raised going towards establishing an alternative income source for the women of the remote village of Kamoda.

These 3 Buddhas are but another take on the large bronze Buddha I met and conversed with in the Japanese gardens in San Francisco in 2007. I have used the inspiration I received from the encounter with this bronze Buddha in several other paintings as well, but they have really evolved along the years as I experiment (and grow more confident) in different mediums.

Due to my ongoing battle with arthitus and chronic tendonitus in my left hand, I decided (errr… was forced) to change my tactics in painting technique and medium.  This go round I attempted to paint with more volume and texture, adding a choppiness to the paintings by using extra heavy gloss gel to the acrylic paint to give the paintings a heavier and edgier feel, which increased (I think) the intensity of the paintings while at the same time decreasing the pain and stress to my hand in the creative process.

The swirls and designs in and around each Buddha head symbolize luminous wisdom. The Buddha is often depicted with an elongated topknot of hair to represent his enlightenment. Here I have depicted supreme enlightenment as colours flowing and dissolving from the Buddha’s head into the suspended air of thought, emitting radiance and compassion in every direction.

It was also another year of painting through a lot of transition and challenges, and it was so refreshing after a long day to grab a brush and retreat into the Buddha Viaduct to escape the stresses of daily life. This excuse for escapism, accompanied by some inspiring new discoveries on the music front (thanks in part to A1 Quiet Radio – France) that (not so coincidentally) appeared at the perfect time, helped to guide the Buddhas and I to a beautiful place of reconciliation, understanding and acceptance.


The song list on my iPod for my 2012 creations:

Solace – Amethystium
Faraway – Amethystium
The Point of Darkness – Tim Booth
Dream of a Disco – Marsheaux
Seven Stars – Air
Evening Silhouettes – Epic 45
Great Escape– Kwoon
Frozen Bird – Kwoon
The Rip Tide – Beirut
Wait – M83
Safe and Sound – Raphelson
Tony Orlando and the Fantastic Five – PacoVolume
Replicate –  Fanfarlo
Shiny Things – Fanfarlo
Bones – Fanfarlo
Dirty Paws – Of Monsters and Men
King and Lionheart – Of Monsters and Men
Little Talks – Of Monsters and Men
Love Love Love – Of Monsters and Men
Varuo – Sigur Ros
The Motion Makes Me Last – Eluvium
All the Stars In The Sky Are Mine – The Candlepark Stars
Missionary – King Creosote & Jon Hopkins
Horns in my Heart – Raphelson
In a Better World (Long) – Johan Soderqvist
Home – Will Hanson
You’ve Come To These Woods To Hunt Me – Oddfellows Casino
Death Won’t Have Me – Oddfellow’s Casino
Fall Apart Again – Brandi Carlile
Montana – Youth Lagoon
Bobby – Youth Lagoon
Blackbird Song – Declan de Barra
Curfew – Declan de Barra
Primer – Ghostlight
The Days I Recall Being Wonderful – Last Days of April
Zombie Nation – Cosmos70
Twenty Four Hours – Athlete
Be Still – The Killers
Last Night Thoughts – Aaron
Laura – Bat For Lashes
Release Me – Royal Wood
Lay Your Cheek on Down – Moonface

3 Buddhas 24″ x 36″
September 2012 / Calgary AB